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Outbreak: Insights for coping with an environment with large and increasing COVID-19 patient arrivals

ED and Across hospital
outbreak1With the cancellation of elective surgeries, a hospital can recoup losses in routine patient treatment while providing resources to the COVID-19 response.
outbreak2Each day of reduction in ICU length of stay increases ICU patient throughput by up to 15%.
ICU & Isolation
outbreak3Serving each COVID-19 patient requires more of the hospital’s capacity than is needed to serve a single routine emergency patient.

Pre-COVID-19 hospital models have been enhanced to include patient care paths specific to COVID-19 needs. These reflect alterations in operations and resource management consistent with current practices at many hospitals that are treating COVID-19 patients. We are actively working on various versions of the hospital models to generate results to help in assessing various strategies and resource management approaches. These results will include estimation of hospital space, staff and stuff needs to meet the various levels of demand. Additional insights and run outcomes will be posted as they are produced.


We welcome requests for more information or adopting the models for specific facility configurations or demand scenarios from hospital administrators and others working in an official capacity: REQUEST ANALYSIS.

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